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Unveil a realm of possibilities as you explore Iris's cautiously curated variety of wallpapers in Coimbatore. Whether you're aiming for a contemporary, minimalist look, a daring and bright atmosphere, or a classic, timeless elegance, our series caters to numerous tastes and preferences. From problematic floral motifs that breathe existence into your rooms to abstract geometric patterns that add a touch of modernity, Iris promises to match your aesthetic aspirations.

Enrich your house with Exquisite Wallpapers from Iris in Coimbatore.

Your walls are more than simply structural elements; they're canvases waiting to come alive with creativity and personality. Introducing the world of wallpapers -the place where colors, patterns, and textures unite to redefine your living spaces. If you are in Coimbatore and looking for the finest indoor transformation, Iris offers a curated collection of wallpapers, along with professional set-up services, to turn your vision into reality.

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Features of Iris’s Wallpapers

best interior wallpaper in coimbatore

Variety of Designs

Choose from a massive range of designs, from typical to contemporary, making sure there is something to suit every taste and style.

Premium Materials

Iris wallpapers are crafted from extraordinary materials, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.

Wallpapers in Coimbatore

Varieties of options

Rich Color Palette

Experience a fascinating array of shades that enable you to create the desired ambiance in your space

Textured Elegance

Explore textured wallpapers that add depth and dimension, creating an immersive visual and tactile experience.

Customization Options

Tailor your wallpaper determination to your precise requirements, whether or not it's a unique color mixture or a personalized pattern.

Easy Maintenance

Our wallpapers are designed for practicality; they are easy to smooth and maintain, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Fade Resistance

Enjoy wallpapers that resist fading, preserving their shiny colorations and patterns over time.

Environmentally Conscious

Iris presents eco-friendly wallpaper options, ensuring your interior makeover is sustainable

Expert Wallpaper Installation Services

Choosing the best wallpaper is simply the first step; making sure its software is flawless is equally crucial. Iris's dedicated wallpaper set-up carrier in Coimbatore guarantees a seamless transition from layout to reality. Our knowledgeable professionals bring years of experience to each and every project, meticulously aligning patterns and ensuring smooth, bubble-free surfaces. With our installation expertise, your chosen wallpaper will grace your partitions with precision and finesse.

Revitalize your living or working surroundings with the transformative power of wallpaper. Enhance your house beyond the ordinary, infusing it with your special persona and style. Whether you are searching for a statement-making accent wall or a complete indoor makeover, Iris's collection, installation services, and knowledgeable staff are poised to exceed your expectations

Experience the fusion of creativity, quality, and professionalism—discover the world of wallpapers at Iris today. Your partitions have never looked this good.

Wallpaper installation service

Experience the Variety of Iris’s Wallpapers

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Customized Printed Wallpaper

Express your unique style with our customized printed wallpapers. These tailored designs enable you to show off your personality, memories, or brand, which is without a doubt your own.


Roll Wallpaper

Discover convenience and elegance with our roll wallpapers. These versatile choices offer a seamless and uniform look, turning your walls into works of art.


Best Interior Wallpaper in Coimbatore

3D Wallpaper

Elevate your interior to a new dimension with our captivating 3D wallpapers. These fascinating designs create a phantasm of depth, making your partitions a focal point of conversation


Top-class materials of

Iris wallpapers don’t seem to be simply about visible aesthetics; they’re crafted from top-class materials, designed for durability, and created with a dedication to sustainability. Our series boasts a prosperous color palette and textures that transcend the ordinary, while our professional installation offerings make certain that each pattern aligns seamlessly, bringing your imaginative and prescient vision to life with finesse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is commonly recommended to wallpaper the wall before wallpapering. Priming the wall serves several necessary functions that contribute to a successful wallpaper set-up: smooth surface, Adhesion, preventing Moisture Absorption, Enhanced Durability, and Easier Removal

Selecting the right wallpaper for your home involves considering a few key elements, which are Style and Aesthetics, Room and Purpose, Color Palette, Pattern Scale, Lighting, Texture and Material, Maintenance, and Personal Preference.

Wallpapers are oftentimes priced per roll, and the price per roll can vary broadly based on some elements, which are Design and Material, Brand and Reputation, Roll Size, Pattern Repeat, Customization, Installation Method, Additional Services, and economy of Scale. It’s vital to reflect on both the upfront fee and the long-term price when deciding on wallpaper for your space.